Company History

For over 43 years, Folino Construction has been a leader in the construction industry in Western Pennsylvania.  We have developed a strong rapport with PennDOT due to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of hundreds of miles of state-maintained roadways.  Folino Construction continues to deliver high-quality projects to various municipalities, townships and boroughs.  We have gained notoriety for our efficient, time and cost saving solutions on various commercial and private projects.  The accolades and quality of our projects are a testament to our commitment to diversifying our workforce in an ever-changing construction environment. 

In response to a growing demand for qualified site and concrete contractors, we have recently expanded the scope of our operations to provide complete site redevelopment and concrete construction.  We are at the forefront of providing our clients and owners with an unprecedented level of construction services.  We have become one of Western Pennsylvania’s first contractors to offer a comprehensive construction package of asphalt paving, excavation, drainage, subgrade, foundation work, flatwork and site concrete. 

Folino Construction is excited to forge a professional relationship with you in an effort to become your Complete Turn-Key Contractor on prospective projects.  We are proud of our recent expansions and offer a multitude of references which are available upon request.

A. Folino Construction, Inc. 109 Dark Hollow Road, Oakmont, PA 15139 Phone 412.820.2800 Fax 412.820.2808